Registration open for Campmeeting 

Dear Campmeeting Family,

We are 7 months away from campmeeting and already people are wanting to secure reservations.  This is appropriate, because there is a limited number of camper hookups and we are expecting that there will be a large crowd this year with Walter Veith speaking in person.  Regarding the main building, we have a way forward to get the occupancy permit.  However, it is not what we had hoped for. We will have to divide the main floor and keep the number of occupants below 50 in each room.  We are still trying to get our radio on the air.   Prayers are appreciated!  

Northern Maine Campmeeting Registration 2024

One Registration Per Family. Camping is free. Bring your own tent. Plant based meals will be offered at no charge. A donation box will be available. GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER. LET EACH GIVE AS THEY ARE ABLE OR WILLING. These donations will not be tax deductible. A separate donation box will be available for donations to the campmeeting that will be tax deductible. RV Hookups are full but there will be room for RV parking. Contact Sister Karen for questions. Her home phone is 207-794-3091 and her cellphone is 207-217-3172. Her email is Parents are responsible for their children at all times. See below. The campground is located at 100 Lombard Rd, Caribou Maine. Speed limit is 10mph because of dust. We want to keep our neighbors happy. Bring a helmet if you are planning on using the bicycles. No bicycling on the grounds on Sabbath is requested. No children are to be by the water unattended. The banks are steep and the ex-gravel pit is deep.