Raising the tent

We started at 8am at the church gathering supplies and chairs.  Then we met at 100 Lombard Rd.  We laid out the tarps to put the tent on.  Scott's tractor was appreciated in laying down the heavy pieces. We found out that we didn't have the right pieces and God blessed in enabling John, Kerry, and Jean to get the right pieces out of storage even though it was Sunday.  Meanwhile, while awaiting the big tent pieces, we put together the youth tent.  When we got all the pieces, the tent went up without any hitches or injuries for which we praise God.  We still need to put on the skirting, set the chairs, connect the electricity, hook up the lighting, set up the stage, and more. We don't have an asphalt surface under the big tent as in prior years, so it will be a bit different.  We are praying that God will bless each attendee and each speaker with His Spirit.  Please join us in prayer for the meetings.