Greetings friends!  Because of Walter Veith's flexibility, we can enjoy the presence of both his and Conrad Vine's presentations. Campmeeting was moved to August 13-17 so that Conrad Vine would be able to attend.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but the benefits of having not just one, but two important speakers justified the change.  Of note, the RV hookups with water and electricity are going fast.  There is no wastewater dump on site.  There is one in Caribou, however.  But, there is plenty of space for RVs without hookups.  Camping is allowed just about anywhere you feel comfortable raising your tent. Please register using the online form in the box adjacent to this post. One registration will work for the whole family.

Northern Maine Campmeeting Registration 2024

One Registration Per Family. Camping is free. Meals are not provided this year. A Sabbath haystack meal will be provided. Keep posted for further info. RV Hookups are $75 for the duration (electricity charge). Contact Sister Karen for availability. Her home phone is 207-794-3091 and her cellphone is 207-217-3172. Her email is Parents are responsible for their children at all times. See below. Contact Sister Karen Cunningham for questions and for payment. Campground is located at 100 Lombard Rd. Speed limit is 10mph because of dust. We want to keep our neighbors happy. Bring a helmet if you are planning on using the bicycles. No children are to be by the water unattended. The banks are steep and the ex-gravel pit is deep.