Camp Meeting Update July 12, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Northern Maine Churches are planning on hosting the Northern Maine Campmeeting August 10-14.  Some things have changed since the last post.  Steve Wohlberg won't be able to attend.  In his place, we have invited Eric Wilson of Isaiah Ministries.  He was with us last year.  You can see some of his material on YouTube.  He just completed a series with Secrets Unsealed. Also with us will be Conrad Vine, president of Adventist Frontier Missions.  He has a broad experience in dealing with governments, religious liberty, religious intolerance, and missionary work. You can find some of his presentations at the Village SDA Church on YouTube.  We will be blessed!  There has been a change in plans.  Meals will not be provided.  You will be responsible for your own meals.  There are tentative plans for a haystack potluck on Sabbath.  Also of note, thanks to the hard work and generosity of  many members of the Northern Maine Churches, the women's AND the men's restrooms and showers are functional.  We are eagerly looking forward to the blessing God will share with us.  Please register using the form or call Sister Karen Cunningham for registration  207-794-3091, or text 207-217-3172 ,or email .


Register Here

Northern Maine Campmeeting Registration 2024

One Registration Per Family. Camping is free. Meals are not provided this year. A Sabbath haystack meal will be provided. Keep posted for further info. RV Hookups are $75 for the duration (electricity charge). Contact Sister Karen for availability. Her home phone is 207-794-3091 and her cellphone is 207-217-3172. Her email is Parents are responsible for their children at all times. See below. Contact Sister Karen Cunningham for questions and for payment. Campground is located at 100 Lombard Rd. Speed limit is 10mph because of dust. We want to keep our neighbors happy. Bring a helmet if you are planning on using the bicycles. No children are to be by the water unattended. The banks are steep and the ex-gravel pit is deep.